Eating with Type One


Carb counting is a huge part of living with Type 1 today. When our daughter was diagnosed we felt very much like we were thrown in at the deep end with learning all about carbohydrates and were left to just get on with it and learn as we went. We did just that but there were several things that could of made this learning curve much easier so I want to share some of these over the coming months. Check out some of my recent related posts here:

Food Types

One of the things they don’t bombard you with in the hospital is actually quite how complex food and its effects on blood sugars is. How high fat and protein meals can slow down the release of the carbohydrates and have a knock on affect on Bg levels. More information to follow soon.

Resources for Carb Counting

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There are some great resources around to help make carb counting easier. Here are my top few not to be without essentials for every Type 1 family.

Carbs and Cals Book

I would not be without this book, so useful. Contains hundreds of visual portion sizes, weights and carb contents for most foods and drinks.

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Mini Pocket Version

Here is a simplified mini-pocket version to pop in your hand bag or take on holiday too!

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Travel Scales

The best, most stylish and compact weighing scales that I have come across, fold down to put in your handbag and available in different colours!

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Coming soon . . . some tasty, carb counted recipes that kids will love ready to use!