Cute Kit Bag for Type 1 Diabetic Girls

Myabetic Love Bug Review

This is our latest kit bag my daughter uses for school. We’ve been using it a week now and we love it. Let me tell you a bit more about what our criteria was and how it ticks all the boxes.

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Our Kit Bag Criteria

  • Suitable for a 7 year old girl.
  • Stylish.
  • Compact but enough space for everything needed at school.
  • Easy for child to carry.
  • Different from other bags so it stands out to staff.
  • Compartments for all medical supplies.
  • Separate compartment for snacks and hypo treatments.
  • Reasonably priced.

Don’t you just love it? Its SO adorable!! Buy your very own Love Bug Bag here!

Does the Love Bug Meet our Criteria?


  • Everything we need fits in it perfectly.
  • Plenty of compartments, elastic bits and pouches.
  • Really high quality bag.
  • Love heart when closed, butterfly when open.
  • Even the zips are cute love hearts!
  • For school my daughter carries in the bag: finger-pricking device, lancets, test strips, spare batteries, pump handset/meter, dextrose, glucogel tube, flash cards for teachers, school record sheet, glucojuice, apple juice, cereal bars and biscuits! Goodness that’s ALOT of kit in one little bag!
  • As you can tell I would highly recommend this product, so if you LOVE it GO FOR IT!

Downsides of the Love Bug Typ1 1 Kit Bag.

There are not many downsides to the bag the only one I have found is the size of the compartment due to the heart shape does not allow us to fit out A5 laminated flash cards for treatment suggestions but I just remade these in a simpler format and printed them in A6 and they fit now.

I still think the compact size of the bag makes it much more likely that a smaller child will be happy to carry it around without being weighed down by a huge supply bag and it still contains all the essentials.

See for yourself! Stylish, compact, pretty, unique and a BIG hit with my daughter!

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