The Best Kit Bags for Organising all Your Type 1 Medical Supplies.

The Best Kit Bags for Organizing Type 1 Medical Supplies

Being a parent of a Type 1 child or having type 1 yourself, you will agree with me that there is so much “stuff” to lug around every where you go.

Having the right bag to keep your kit in is vital for making your life easier as it keeps all your supplies organised and together and easily accessible when you need them most and easy to check you have got everything. Not to mention the bag that looks great, is easy to carry around and most importantly is appealing to your child.

Our daughter is still quite young so much of the time her kit bag needs to fit inside my handbag so it needs to be compact and whilst at school it fits inside another bag for the teacher to carry around which contains flash cards, record sheets and a snack box.

What to consider when choosing a Medical Supply Bag!

There are bags available in all different shapes and sizes.

Consider what type of kit you need to carry in the bag, is it to contain EVERYTHING or just the essentials:

  • Glucose testing kit, strips and lancet device.
  • Injection pens 1 or 2?
  • Glucose, dextrose or other hypo treatment
  • May require space for snacks.
  • Spare cannula’s and insertion devices.
  • Spare insulin cartridges.
  • Used and unused needles.
  • CGM receiver or phone.

Are you looking for a compact bag that will fit inside a bigger handbag or rucksack or one with a handle so you can carry on its own?

If the bag is for a child, perhaps style and something attractive is appealing.

Some kids don’t want to stand out so a fairly plain bag that blends in.

One that looks like a normal hand bag or that has a comfy carry handle.

Alternatively you may prefer something bright or patterned so it will stand out.

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Best Products to Organise Type 1 Supplies.

We have tried several kit bags over the last 3 years and I’m going to show you a couple of them that I strongly recommend today. Our needs of what I look for in a kit bag have changed over the years as we have moved from MDI and finger testing to pump and CGM and therefore, we carry slightly different kit around, so I’ll try and give you a range. Here are some of my all time favourites, tried and tested.


The very first kit bag we used, loved and started us off really well on MDI was by Diabete-ezy. Well protected with hard top and small pouch for needles.


Fab layout, fit both insulin pens, range of colours, great value for money.



The second case we used alot on MDI was by Madpax, great for fitting inside another bag for school containing snacks and record book etc.

Compact for the everyday essentials . Deep so plenty of space and meter is well protected as again the top is quite hard. Quite a funky design to keep everything together.

The most Compact and Elegant Bag

As my daughter is growing up I am in love with the Myabetic range. Here is the cutest kit bag for all your everyday supplies. Top quality, no space wasted and perfect for fitting into Mummy’s handbag. So many different colours and variations on styles available. Absolutely love this!

They also do a lush range of handbags too with compartments in which would be perfect for when my daughter starts carrying her own kit.


Or even belt bags, what a genius design!!


Character bags

Check out these awesome character kit bags also by Myabetic for the little, brave, kiddies amongst us who need cheering up.



Smiggle do a great range of very attactive pencil cases that are ideal as kit bags. A favourite style of mine is this dual zipped one especially for the boys.

  We now use the unicorn version of this everyday for school.

It has two main compartments with various pouches and elastic for pens and lancet device. The main compartment is deep so can hold a glucojuice bottle and a snack or two aswell. Highly recommend this and great value for money.


Elite – Isothermal Kitbag

Finally here is a  highly recommended brand Elite in lovely, fresh, designs, for male and female. Very spacious and versatile bag for all your storage and organisational needs with isothermal properties for keeping insulin cool throughout the day.


Common Questions About Diabetic Organisation!


1. How can I keep my insulin cool for travelling?

The best and most highly recommended product on the market to keep your insulin cool where-ever you me be is the FRIO pouch.

Soak in water for 5-20mins and keeps insulin cool for hours.

All different sizes and colours for pens and/or just insulin.

Some even come with a free mini sharps bin!!


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Organising your Diabetic Supplies

  • Everyone has slightly different needs and requirements when organising their supplies.
  • Its overwhelming when you begin the search and see the vast expanse of kit bags out there.
  • There really is something for everyone.
  • We left hospital upon diagnosis with plain, boring and not very useful little bags with our new kit in and it took us a while to discover there was so much cool stuff out there.
  • Hopefully you have picked up a few recommendations of products that have been tried and tested to give you a useful place to start.

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